Almond      RedVelvet      Yellow     Chocolate     Banana     Carrot     Coconut    Hazelnut    Confetti    TiraMisu    German Chocolate               Vegan chocolate, dark chocolate, & vanilla


Swiss Merengue Buttercream, plain/extra sweet   Milk Chocolate   White Chocolate   Dark Chocolate   Hazelnut   Salted Caramel   CreamCheese   Coconut   Peanut-butter   Milk Chocolate-Peanutbutter   Espresso  


All ButtercreamsFudge Frosting   Cream Cheese Frosting   Tiramisu custard/Lady Fingers   Ganache   Chocolate/Caramel Sauce   Fruit Preserves   Fresh Strawberries/Raspberries   


6" round serves  8 to 10
8" round serves 16 to 20
10" round serves 26 to 30
12" round serves 40 to 46

***limited vegan and gluten-free options

Base Pricing 

$4.50/ per serving (Buttercream finish)    $6.00/per serving (Fondant)    $7.00-10.00/per serving (Custom Cakes/3D/Special Finish/Hand Painted)  

Cupcakes/ $2.50/Plain (minimum dozen)   $2.75-4.00/Special finishes (sprinkles/pearls/shimmer/fondant toppers)    

Mini-cupcakes/$1.25/plain (minimum one dozen) $1.50/special finishes (sprinkles/pearls/fodant toppers/shimmer)  

Cake pops/$2.00/plain (white or dark chocolate) $2.25-3.00/special finishes (sprinkles/shimmer/shapes/themes/images)

Decorative Sugar cookies (vegan or non-vegan)/                                                                                                                                                      Plain/Basic/design $3.50    Custom/ Handpainted, stenciled, special design/cut, etc/$4.50-6.00 (minimum dozen)                                                     All royal icing is vegan ($.50 upcharge for non-vegan R.I.)                                                                                                                                                             Wrapped/Bows/Special Packaging $.25-$.50 upcharge

Additional (priced as needed**)

Cupcake toppers/ Priced as needed (hand crafted fondant or paper designs)**        

Hand painted or airbrushed cakes/decor/Cake boards**

Gold/silver leaf (x$10/tier inch) 6in-10in= $60-100

Silver dragees ($15.00) ***Not recommended for children

Delivery/ $40/within the city of Chicago    $50-70.00/Shipping (cookies/toppers/boards/accessories)

***Out of state travel priced as needed